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Marmot Inu is an open source, peer-to-peer digital asset, screaming meme token on the BNB blockchain, favored by meme enthusiasts worldwide.

Official CA: 0x2948506378A66bf1504be36B28ea7BF004A1cFD4

Meet Marmot Inu

The meme token heard screaming all across the BNB chain.

Marmot Inu brings you the next game changer in Defi. It's been quiet and we feel it's time to stand up and shout it from the roof tops that meme coins and their communities are here to take over.

This team is looking to show the world, yet again, the true power of memes, crypto, and community. With the perfect mixture, anything is possible. We want to bring all the meme and crypto enthusiast together to form what will be known as one of the most amazing meme token armies in the crypto space.

Investor Safety Check - Always Do Your Own Research.

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Taxes That Work For You!

Our taxes are split between liquidity, marketing, and development to ensure the longevity of the project. Total tax on each transaction will be set to 8%. This will require you to set slippage to at least 9% when buying or selling Marmot Inu.

5% To Marketing

With every transaction, 5% will automatically be sent to the marketing wallet to allow the team for consistent and effective marketing campaigns.

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2% To Liquidity

With every transaction, 2% will automatically be sent to the liquidity pool to allow for a steady and strong holding floor as we push the tokens to new highs.

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1% To Development

With every transaction, 1% will automatically be sent to the development wallet to allow the team to bring amazing NFTs, dApps, and defi utility to crypto.

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Settings That Work For You!

Our max wallet size is also set for the community to allow for equal distribution amongst holders. Our max wallet is set to 2% of the total supply with a max buy transaction also set to 2% and a max sell transaction set to 1%.


Marmot Inu Roadmap

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Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three

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We will begin our take over by stealth launching on the BNB Chain. We will engage in active community involvement, telegram & twitter marketing, getting listed on voting sites, applying for CG & CMC, & roll out our 4Chan marketing campaign.

We will continue to reach new community members and buyers through various marketing tactics. We will initiate various paid advertisements on crypto sites, billboards, press releases, & begin working with

Here we will focus on substantial growth through YouTube & TikTok marketing.  Through these videos we will announce new V2 website, NFT Minting, Token & NFT Staking dApp, White Paper, Audits, & our push into Phase Four!


Marmot Inu NFTs

Hand drawn and screaming across all the NFT markets!


Token & NFT Staking!

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